Front End Software Engineer

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Our client, one of the biggest outsourcing companies in Ukraine, is looking for a Front End Software Engineer.

In order to deliver military-grade performance in autonomous cars, World-class team of technical experts and thought leaders from leading military institutions and technology companies are assembled.

Our Client is inviting top talents to be part of the team which  is working on taking a completely fresh approach to artificial perception. The Team is determined that in order to allow a vehicle to scan the surroundings and quickly identify critical objects, it is imperative  for the vehicle to perceive as a person but think as a robot.

Mimicking human perception required pushing intelligence and processing to the new levelcreating an integrated perception system that brought together software extensibility, artificial intelligence, and smart, agile sensors.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Design, develop, code and test software systems through full SDLC
  • Participate in agile scrum development of project planning, design specifications, system flow diagrams, documentation, testing plan/cases/tools and ongoing support of systems
  • Recommend modifications to processes and procedures, and contribute to best practices, architecture and implementations
  • Diagnose hardware deficiencies and adapt software reactively
  • Promote and solicit ideas within project teams
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned


  • Demonstrated ability or proven experience  working with
    • Linux
    • Embedded OS
    • Git, bitbucket, other relevant open source tools and components related to web services
    • Containerization (Docker etc.)

It is expected that candidates have at least the basic knowledge in this stack.

  • Proficiency in following Web stack (or in most of below shown technologies):
    • NodeJS
    • JavaScript/ES6
    • ReactJS
    • HTML5
    • Python
    • WebPack
    • WebGL (would be an advantage)
    • js (would be an advantage)
    • C++ (would be an advantage)
  • Proficiency in Real time video encoding/streaming:
    • WebRTC
    • QUIC
    • HTML5 video standards
  • Proficiency in Networking/Messaging protocols:
    • Lightweight and other messaging protocols
    • MQTT
    • ZeroMQ
    • Nanomsg
    • Celery
    • Etc.

Extensive experience in system automation, deployment, updates, etc., as well as ability to analyze bottlenecks, profile, tune network stack, etc. would be an advantage.

Responsible recruiter: mh@abouthr.com.ua

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