Where do IT recruiters come from?

In order to understand how to become an IT recruiter and who he is, you should first understand the very concept of recruiting and its difference from ordinary HR. The HR profession involves working with human resources namely the selection of new candidates for open vacancies in the company, assistance in adaptation, staff motivation and assessment of professional suitability.

Recruiting implies concentration on the labor market, the search and selection of appropriate specialists. The work of a recruiter includes finding suitable candidates, negotiating with clients about job seekers, conducting initial interviews, discussing salaries, etc. Recruiting can be carried out by individual specialists from the agency and full-time HR specialists for whom recruiting is only part of the responsibilities.

The specifics of recruitment in the IT industry


IT recruiter differs from ordinary recruiter in narrow specialization. He should feel in the sphere of high technologies “like a fish in water” and understand the relevant concepts and features of various vacancies. The IT recruiter regularly contacts programmers and other specialists, analyzes their abilities and skills according to the technical task of the customer, conducts appropriate interviews where the technical component is the main component. Recruitment in IT involves not only knowledge of the basics of personnel selection, but also IT terminology, relevant methods and rules.

The IT recruiter profession is distinguished by:

  1. Flexible work schedule that does not have a clear start and end. A recruiter should work in the same hour field in which programmers work, and they often have an irregular schedule.
  2. The need for in-depth knowledge regarding the specifics of each profession and a programming language. Most IT specialists are not in search of work, to convince them it is necessary to make a suitable offer and salary is not always a primary factor.

HR in IT implies a high level of stress resistance, the presence of skills to work at a fast pace, to maintain multitasking mode. It is far from a secret that IT specialists differ in peculiar outlooks on life and it is not always very simple to find a common language with them. In addition, recruiting both in Ukraine and international requires knowledge of the English language at a fairly high level.

For whom the IT recruiter profession is available?


Despite some difficulties in entering the profession, if you have the proper desire, anyone can become an IT recruiter:

  • recruitment specialist;
  • a person who has completed “IT recruiter courses”;
  • IT specialist, etc.

At the same time, it is important to understand that within the framework of this profession you will have to make a lot of contacts with different people, use the same communication tools that IT specialists, constantly keep abreast of all the news in the world of high technologies. In return, this profession gives fascinating tasks, useful contacts and a good salary. HR in the IT sector can be compared with “espionage”, as the demand in the industry is significantly higher than the supply especially when it comes to talented programmers.

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