IT Director

Lviv. Active

Our Client, an international company, which works in the medical industry, is looking for an IT director.


  • design and implementation of the company’s IT strategy
  • management of internal IT-projects of the company;
  • representation of Ukraine in the group of companies in matters and projects related to IT
  • design and organization of the company’s IT infrastructure;
  • management of the infrastructure IT department (client environment, communications, server platforms, technical support of users)
  • management of support groups / development of specialized systems (integration of Dr. Elex with 1C, etc.)
  • development, implementation and maintenance of information security policy, other IT policies;
  • support of IT-related projects
  • purchase of services and equipment related to IT
  • direct subordination to the General Director of the company in Ukraine, functional – to the Director of Information Systems of the Group


Requirements to candidate:

  • strong management skills, experience in working with both IT professionals and users of the company.
  • knowledge of IT technologies of the “helicopter” type (i.e. to know what technologies and tools are in general, but also the ability to understand and analyze specific technologies). Have several areas in which the candidate is deeply versed.
  • Preferable areas of competence – networking within the company, the ability to manage a team of 5 people, knowledge of modern IT technologies, in particular in the field of software development.
  • experience in managing the IT department in companies with a distributed network of about 200 PCs. Areas of responsibility – development department, software support department, networking and administration department, Service Desk.
  • ability to organize the work of the IT department, quality control and time frames of performance.
  • experience in development / implementation of IT projects for internal customer.
  • general presentability and sociability
  • confident English, including spoken.
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