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AboutHR provides recruitment services for companies that hire software engineers. They source qualified candidates from every part of Ukraine and link them with organizations that need their services. It can boast of over five years experience as a software developer recruitment agency and eight years in executive and rare professionals’ search.

What Do Software Engineer Recruiting Firms Do?

The most critical assets of a technology company are the staff. For a modern-day firm to compete successfully in the ever-changing industry, it must have workers with the right talents. However, identifying such skills is very challenging. It is a huge task for many employers. That is why companies hiring software developers need to partner with the right staffing agency for software engineers to get the best candidates to fill their job posts.

Software engineer recruiting firms help companies that hire software engineers identify the best talents. They also help software developers find matching employers.

Types of Companies Hiring Software Developers

Any company may need a software developer, but some need them more than others. Also, the term of employment offered by different firms vary. If you are one, you probably have some companies in mind to work for. Even if you are not targeting any particular establishment, everyone wants to work for an organization that values his services and offers the best remuneration. Fortunately, we know companies that need people in your profession and pay well for their services.

At AboutHR, we work closely with companies hiring the services of software engineers and developers, whether as permanent or contract workers.

From our surveys and experiences, we know technology companies are the highest employers of this talent. Still, the financial sectors also have a good need for promising talents in software development. Other employers that are keen on software development recruiting include defense contractors and consulting firms. We have a good relationship with all these organizations.

Software Developers Ukraine

At AboutHR, we partner with big companies to recruit software developers in every part of Ukraine and beyond. We know how to identify suitable candidates for our clients. Our experience and network as a software developer staffing agency speak volumes about our competence. We had linked many great talents with many big employers in these past five years that we have been in this business.

Moreover, we have experience co-operating with customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, China, Japan, India, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, Estonia, Cyprus, Lithuania, and many more. We use the latest recruitment tools to achieve the best result. We have targets and have set a standard for ourselves. We will only submit qualified candidates and those that meet your budget. We can assure you that it will not take more than a week to find you top experts in the software developers’ community. Moreover, our services are affordable.

Why You Need the Best Talent in the Industry

Here are some significant reasons to hire the best software developers in the industry. It will:

  • Give you an advantage over your competitors
  • Make your company more productive
  • Increase your efficiency, hence saving you time and money
  • Help you cope with constant changes in technology
  • Lead to more innovation in your company

Your Options As An Employer

Software development is a skill that you can only recognize in practice. Therefore, you may decide to hire software developers temporarily until you are convinced about their abilities. That is regarded as contract workers. You may employ on a few month contract before you offer permanent employment.

However, with a trusted recruitment process, you may also decide to hire directly to fill all vacant positions permanently.

Whichever option you choose, you can trust our recruitment process. We do not only test applicants’ skills and competence, but we also carry out a background check on all workers we recommend for employment.

Software Development Recruiting: We Can Help You

Are you searching for Software engineers and developers? You don’t have to do it alone. Partner with us today and let us help you recruit the best hands in the industry. That is what we do best at AboutHR. If you are ready, we are also ready. Contact us today.

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Head of Recruitment, Infopulse

Our cooperation with AboutHR began in January 2017. At that time, we spent a lot of effort on the development of the Lviv office, which required a reliable partner with knowledge of the local infrastructure and specifics, which became for us AboutHR. In addition, we received significant support for recruiting in Kyiv. During our cooperation, the agency successfully closed such vacancies as .Net and Android Developers, Security Specialist, MS DevOps Engineer. The advantage of AboutHR is that they have experience and a base of candidates in many business segments. For example, thanks to the agency's experience in the field of finance and auditing, they very quickly and accurately found a specialist for a unique position for Infopulse - "Internal Controls Manager". I can note the general efficiency of the agency, both in the process of agreeing on the requirements for vacancies, and in the process of finding, presenting candidates, organizing interviews. Communications were very comfortable. We are very pleased with our partnership and look forward to long-term cooperation with AboutHR.


CEO, Fox Media Ukraine

I was looking for the first employees to join the company. It's always difficult to head-hunt a good developer into a very small business. I decided to contact AboutHR and was very pleased. Communication and results are at the highest level. Soon I will ask for help again and in the future I will also ask for their services.

humenyuk 1

Head of recruitment, Infopulse

Infopulse has been working with AboutHR agency for more than 3 years already. We are working with AboutHR on various technical and non-technical positions. Through the years of cooperation, AboutHR Team demonstrated high level of professionalism, starting from gathering requirements ending with support of a process of finalizing conditions with a candidate. About HR is a trusted partner in Recruiting. They fully understand Client's needs and know how to find the best matching talents on the market. The quality of selected candidates and speed of hiring is always on the highest level. About HR conducts pre-screening calls with each candidate they send to you, therefore at the very end you get motivated candidate, who needs to prove his/her technical level of proficiency. About HR team and its management is very Client oriented, they are very flexible and easy going. They are very careful in their communications and committed to results and deadlines. In case you are looking for a reliable partner, I can highly recommend you About HR. I am sure your collaboration will be efficient and long lasting.



HELLENICA-UKRAINE would like to thank the recruitment agency “AboutHR” for prompt and high-quality recruitment for our company. We would like to emphasize that the advantage of the company / agency "AboutHR" is an individual approach to customer requirements, the ability to quickly navigate in unusual situations, efficiency in performing tasks and a high level of competence in their field. The company "HELLENICA-UKRAINE" highly appreciates the results of cooperation with the company, can describe it as a reliable partner. We are pleased to recommend the recruitment agency "AboutHR" as a competent and reliable partner in the field of recruitment.

Зауваження 2020-03-25 121243

CTO, Atola Technology

we could not cope without external assistance. Due to the specifics of the vacancy, there were very few candidates, so I started choosing an HR agency to help. AboutHR turned out to be responsive and flexible in terms of cooperation. Then everything started very dynamically, and the number of candidates turned into a constant stream. Almost every day there was someone whose resumes and job examples were viewed remotely. AboutHR recruiter managed to find new people with 5+ and 10+ years of experience surprisingly regularly. Communication at all stages went smoothly: the desire to understand, a quick reaction to questions or requests, regular mutual assistance. As a result, we closed the vacancy in three weeks, which turned out to be better than my expectations. I will be glad to cooperate in the future! Thank you Marianna and Ihor!


Partner, Kulchytskyy, Kulakov & Bidniahin

The need to apply for a professional recruiting services was caused by the ineffective independent search of the legal secretary for our law firm. The staff of the agency offered different approaches in the selection of candidates, prepared questions for candidates, situational tasks, provided advice on the basic principles of interviewing. AboutHR processed about 130 candidates, held about forty initial talks with candidates, 12 candidates were recommended for interviews. Efficiency, professionalism, focus on individual needs - these are the features of consultants of AboutHR. We recommend the agency as a team of professionals who will help find the best talents on the market!

2018-04-23 18.31.18

Senior HR manager, Dyckerhoff-Ukraine

We addressed to the recruiting agency AboutHR in connection with the search for candidates for the vacancy of the Internal Auditor. After 4 months of search the vacancy has been successfully closed due to the persistence and openness of the consultant Julia Dutko to our feedback. Thanks to Julia's work and efforts, Dyckerhoff managed to look at the market of candidates in the field of audit, analyze it and determine what type of candidate is needed for the company at this stage of development. I can recommend the recruiting agency AboutHR, as a reliable partner who is very attentive to the needs of a Client. It was a pleasure to work with you! Hope to cooperate with you soon!

George Asmankin

Innovations Coordinator, SoftServe

On behalf of SoftServe, I was assigned to communicate with AboutHR during market research of marketers in a number of cities in Ukraine, Poland, and Bulgaria. As a result, we were completely satisfied with the information we received. The research highlighted all the information we needed. They introduced detailed information about the market of specialists in every city. Besides this, there were mentioned the specifics inherent in each of the locations. The review covers all required positions and related businesses and gives a good understanding of the wage ranges differences. Thank you very much for the well done work. We are sure to contact you in case of need for such kind of information in the future!

tatyana Chalaya

Business Development Manager, Grand Admiral Resort & SPA

We are familiar with AboutHR since 2015, when we ordered training for our sales staff. In 2016 and 2017, we strengthened cooperation because of the need to fill two key positions - HR Manager and PR Manager. Both positions were closed in rather short terms - within 2 months. I would like to emphasize that the agency was very responsible during the selection process, they carefully informed us about the success of the process, provided constant contact with the candidates and provided to us as a customer a high quality feedbacks (according to market trends and expectations of candidates). We will be glad to continue our cooperation and we recommend AboutHR and their head Mrs.Marianna Hrynyshyn to companies that work on HoReCa market.


HR lead, Mazars Ukraine

AboutHR is our trusted partner since 2013. Thanks to collaboration with the agency we meet our needs in various aspects of HR counseling and recruitment. Especially, I would like to note agency’s approach to analyzing our needs, as well as the high efficiency of their work, even in the limited terms. We are also very impressed by the quality of the agency's candidates, as they always meet the stated requirements and our expectations due to compliance with the Mazars corporate culture. Special gratitude to consultants who are always available and effective, offering alternate solutions in difficult situations, providing additional information about the market and the possible actions on it. For our company, where main assets are people, these qualities are extremely important!


HR manager, DLA Piper Ukraine

We’ve been working with AboutHR since April 2016, when we had to fill in difficult position by direct searching. In our opinion, the main AboutHRs' strong sides are professionalism, efficiency, deep understanding of our business specifics, flexibility in approaches and service quality during the project and on the results. Thanks to work of the agency, we filled both professional staff positions (lawyers, senior lawyers) and administrative positions (assistants), despite the fact that most vacancies were specific with individual professional and personal requirements. I’ve already recommended the cooperation with AboutHR to my clients and colleagues.

HR manager, DLA Piper Ukraine


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