Salary Review


Salary Review

Recruiting agency AboutHR conduct for their Clients a research of compensation packages on market and factors that affect them.

Conducting salary review by the list of positions and companies in order to define level of market rewards and other components of compensation packages as well as revealing the difficult tendencies in the salary market and the factors that affecting them.

Recruiting agency AboutHR conduct for their Clients a research of compensation packages on market and factors that affect them.

When needed salary statistics 

Cases when Customers order us to conduct salary reviews:

When planning a recruitment

  • Determination of the Company’s Competitive Ability in the Labor Market
  • Planning and budgeting of selection
  • Facilitation of the selection process and expediting of the vacancies filling

When budgeting compensation packages

  • Creating an effective system of material motivation
  • Reducing the level of staff turnover
  • Support of the employer’s brand and loyalty of employee

How we prepare a salary review compensation packages:

Methodology of compensation packages reviews conducting:

  • Sample of individual survey of respondents and experts in the market
  • Analysis of our internal candidates’ databases.

To ensure the maximum accuracy and relevance of information, 90% of the work is carried out within the sample of survey at the request time.

Advantages of our methodology:

  • Possibility to conduct very narrow reviews adapted to the needs of specific Clients (for example, according to the specified exhaustive list of companies)
  • Research of information which corresponds to non-statistic data, taken from company staffing, and data from a live market
  • Preservation of the Customer’s confidentiality.

As a result of a salary review Client receives a report that includes:

  • Levels of rewards (range according to grades), as well as salaries / narrow range that occur most often
  • A detailed list of factors that affect on the remuneration level in a particular specialist within the specified levels
  • Information about other components of the compensation packages other than basic salary
  • IInformation about actual trends in the market of relevant specialists / companies / sectors and regions.

Examination without geographical limitations

The AboutHR agency has an experience in conducting salary surveys in various regions of Ukraine, as well as in Poland and Bulgaria.

A wide range of positions of highly qualified specialists with whom we already have successful experience includes such positions as:

  • CEO
  • Partners of consulting companies
  • Financial Managers
  • Auditors
  • Chief accountants
  • HR specialists
  • Recruiters
  • IT-specialists
  • Marketers
  • Tax consultants

Ability to get a report in Ukrainian and English

AboutHR’s consultants can provide a report and information support to present the report results in Ukrainian as well as English, in accordance with Client needs.

The cost of salary reviews

The cost of reviews is formed according to a specific request, taking into account the following factors:

  • Number of regions requiring the research
  • Level of position
  • Number of position
  • Special additional requirements (for example, an overview of the exhaustive list of companies).

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