Salary Reviews

Recruiting agency AboutHR conducts reviews of compensation packages on behalf of clients including a review of underlying market factors.

Cases when Customers request salary reviews:


When planning a recruitment

  • Determining a company’s competitive advantage in the job-market
  • Planning and budgeting of selection
  • Accompanying the selection process and speeding up the recruitment process

When reviewing compensation packages

  • Creating an effective system of incentives to improve employee performance
  • Reducing the level of staff turnover
  • Improving staff retention and strengthening the employer’s brand

How we prepare a review compensation packages:

  • Survey of a representative sample of respondents and experts in the market
  • Analysis of our internal candidates’ databases.

To ensure the maximum accuracy and relevance of information, 90% of the work is carried out based on the most recent survey data especially collected after we receive your request.

Advantages of our methodology:

  • Possibility to conduct very narrow reviews adapted to the needs of specific Clients (for example, based on a specific list of competitors in the labor market)
  • Results are not based on mere statistical data, but provide an up to date overview of staffing costs based on live market data
  • Preservation of the Customer’s confidentiality.

As a result of a review Client receives a report that includes:

  • Levels of rewards (range according to grades), as well as salaries / narrow range that occurs most often
  • A detailed list of factors that affect remuneration levels for particular categories of professionals at specified levels of seniority
  • Information about other components of the compensation package other than basic salary
  • Information about current trends in the market for relevant professionals / employers / sectors and regions.

Wide geographic scope of our reviews

The AboutHR agency has experience conducting salary surveys in various regions of Ukraine, as well as in Poland and Bulgaria.

We have competed salary reviews for a range highly qualified and senior positions including:

  • CEO
  • Partners of consulting companies
  • Financial executives
  • Auditors
  • Chief accountants
  • HR specialists
  • Recruiters
  • IT-specialists
  • Marketing specialists
  • Tax consultants

Ability present a report in Ukrainian and English

AboutHR’s consultants can provide a report and information support to present the report results in Ukrainian as well as English, in accordance with Client requirements.

Cost of salary reviews

The costs of a salary review depends on the characteristics of each specific request, based on the following factors:

  • Number of regions included in the review
  • Level of position
  • Number of position
  • Special additional requirements (for example, a specified list of companies subject to review).

Thank you! Our managers will contact you at the expense of co-operation