The AboutHR recruiting agency includes consultants who are specialized in the selection of highly qualified and highly specialized staff as well as managers.

The key areas of our specialization are:

  • Finance (financial directors, financial managers, chief accountants, accountants, auditors, audit managers, tax advisers)

  • Law (heads of legal departments, highly specialized lawyers for = corporate clients and law firms)

  • HR and recruiting (HR-directors, HR-managers, recruiters including IT-recruiters)

  • Marketing and PR(heads of marketing and PR departments, highly specialized professionals for positions such as social media marketing manager, brand-manager, targeting specialist, PR manager, product manager, etc.)

  • Engineering (engineers, technologists, industrial designers, etc.)

In addition, we are also actively recruiting logistics specialists and specialists working in the agro-sector. 

AboutHR works with challenging vacancies and successfully fills positions at senior and executive levels including:

  • Director

  • Business partner

  • Head of a department

  • Line manager

  • Senior / Leadership positions

80% of vacancies we work with – vacancies of the department head level and above.

Stages of work on the vacancy

  1. Request for recruitment
  2. Analysis of job description objectives and the requirements for candidates
  3. Development of strategy and choice of channels that will be engaged in the search
  4. Screening and Evaluating Candidates
  5. Presenting the best talents to the client
  6. Evaluation of candidates by the client
  7. Employment of a successful candidate
  8. Support during the probation period


We care about the interests of our Clients.

Our main goal in cooperation with Customers is not just to fill the vacancy but also to be advisers on the labor market issues. Through our search, we help our Customers understand the strategy of working with talent. We not only select candidates for YOU but also help to make the right decision.

We are trusted

Our clients – large and medium businesses.70% of our Clients are international companies represented in Ukraine as well as the USA and Europe. 30% consists of progressive Ukrainian companies, Ukrainian and foreign start-ups. 80% of our clients return to us with the repeated requests, 40% of our new Clients come by the recommendations.

Customer’s reputation is in the first place for us.

We have an experience in conducting confidential market research. The purpose of which is to provide the Customer with a detailed picture of the market of certain specialists and factors that may influence the future selection of candidates.

We work with different regions of Ukraine.

Using our contact network, a database of candidates and the most up-to-date selection tools, we have the opportunity to successfully select the staff not only in Kiev but also in Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities.

We have more than 10,000 candidates in internal databases, which gives us the potential opportunity to optimize the search speed of candidates. As a rule, we show the first candidates to the Customer within 1.5 -2 weeks from the beginning of the search.

Thank you! Our managers will contact you at the expense of co-operation