Where do IT-recruiters come from?

Along with the growing demand for IT professionals, there is a growing demand for specialists engaged in their search – IT recruiters. Every day, AboutHR agency receives resumes from candidates who offer to consider their candidature for an IT recruiter vacancy. Other areas of recruiting do not cause such interest among candidates. Sometimes those candidates already have experience in IT recruiting, but to a greater extent – this is a summary of candidates who are looking for an opportunity to enter this profession. Further, we’ll discuss in more detail how to become an IT recruiter and how to interest an employer if you don`t already have experience in selecting technical specialists.

Essential skills for HR in the IT field

Recruitment in IT is a separate area of recruiting, in which a candidate should have some hard and soft skills. Candidates who do not have an appropriate professional experience should work on the development of both, since without basic knowledge they will not be able to work as a technical recruiter, even at the initial level.

So, about the basic hard skills that a future IT recruiter needs:

  • The ability to use the most common social networks, primarily Linkedin. No one is looking for technical specialists on job sites. Actually, the desire and ability to learn new technologies, programs, applications for work are a must-have.
  • Knowledge of English at least at an intermediate level. You can`t do without English in recruiting! The higher is the English level of recruiter, the more opportunities he has in the profession.
  • Understanding of the main technologies in the market of technical specialists and their features. The basic test for self-check – how is java different from javascript?

Soft skills that a technical recruiter needs to develop:

  • the ability to communicate. Behind this phrase is a lot, for example, the ability to establish good contact with the customer and get all the necessary information about the essence of the vacancy. Technical specialists are not interested in a formal job description. They are interested in who they will work with and what is the essence of the project. Without this information – there will be no candidates. Another aspect of communication is the candidates. How to submit information about a vacancy so that it hooks a candidate among dozens of other vacancies? How to find out the candidate’s salary expectations if he doesn’t want to name them, and the recruiter has an obligation from the customer not to disclose them?
  • Willingness to work hard. Salaries in the IT sector are higher than average market salaries, while the burden on recruiters is very high. To close a senior developer vacancy, for example, you need to process hundreds of profiles. And it takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Excellent self-organization skills. An IT recruiter has a lot of communication flows and tasks in parallel. You need to learn how to plan your time and use organizers. Otherwise, in a few days, an information collapse will come.

Where and how can you get the necessary skills for an IT recruiter?

it recruiter courses

You can enter the profession of an IT recruiter both from the student bench and from the position of a personnel manager or any other profession. Nevertheless, some professions are very close to the specifics of work in recruiting. In the case of retraining, it will be the easiest professions to transit from:

  • Sales specialists
  • Customer support specialists
  • Administrators and other professionals with experience of work with clients.

While working in these positions you can gain great experience in communication and self-organization.

Hard skills should be acquired by reading the relevant literature and attending specialized “IT recruiter” courses, the choice of which is very wide on the market. Training is generally a prerequisite for success in recruiting, not only for beginners but also for experienced recruiters.

If you are interested in IT recruiting, AboutHR agency provides services for the selection of experienced developers, business analysts, web designers and other specialists throughout Ukraine – from Odesa and Kharkiv to Lviv and Kyiv. We work under a contract and carry out a search according to the requirements specified by the customer in terms of reference.