Digital HR технології

TECH trends in recruiting (technologies in recruiting)

The modern world is characterized by variability, what is relevant today, tomorrow may be unclaimed. That is why it is important to respond to trends quickly in order to be ahead of the competition. Flexibility is important today, and not the idea, but its implementation carries value. We offer tech trends in recruiting 2020, which should be paid attention to.

Recruitment marketing or marketing in recruiting

Recruiting marketing is a set of strategic and tactical steps that a company takes in order to find, attract and interest talents before they become interested in a certain vacancy and send their resume to the company. Another name is the pre-application method of attracting talents.

Today, most companies are engaged in recruitment marketing, which has a fairly intensive recruiting process (from 5-10 vacancies per month) or which need candidates who are in high demand in the market – managers, foreign language specialists, IT specialists, financial managers, engineers, etc. Among the clients of AboutHR agency, there are already vacancies of marketing recruiters who are engaged in attracting a candidate and creating a positive image of the company in their eyes.

The tools used in recruitment marketing comprise two main groups. The first group is digital tools:

  • SMM on Facebook and Instagram
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • contextual advertisement
  • banner ads on job sites
  • search engine optimization pages with vacancies on the company’s website
  • channels and ads on youtube
  • other recruiting and digital marketing tools.

The second group is off-line tools:

  • meet-ups in the company
  • participation in job fairs
  • participation in conferences and other events for candidates.

Recruiting Trends 2020 – Recruiting Automation

HR Trends 2020

Automation of staff recruitment can increase the efficiency of recruiters, reduce the cost of finding and attracting new employees. For example, AboutHR agency uses the CleverStaff program to automate recruiting processes. This is a product of a Ukrainian company, which allowed us to accelerate the work of agency recruiters by 30%. Using this software allowed us to reduce the likelihood of errors when working with candidates, to save the history of work for each specialist. Such programs are convenient because you can work in the system without reference to a specific workplace anywhere in the world, set plans and tasks, control the work of employees with the help of detailed reports.

Other popular Digital HR technologies:

  1. Chatbots. These are specialized programs that are able to communicate with users according to previously defined algorithms, simulating the work of a person. They are able to provide significant assistance in the selection and search of personnel. Of course, HR bots will not be able to replace fully a highly qualified HR specialist for a long time, however, you should not ignore such a tool. The same can be said about special AI programs that process large amounts of information, selecting potential candidates according to specified criteria. The recruiter can only analyze the data collected by the program, without wasting his time on monotonous operations.
  2. Telegram channels for generating potential candidates. HR trends in 2020 cannot be imagined without mentioning Telegram. Today, almost every recruiting agency has its own channel. However, in order for this method to be beneficial, enough time must be devoted to creating quality content and attracting an audience.
  3. Video interview. The essence of this method is very simple – the candidate must record the answers to the questions on the video and send it to the recruiter. Of course, a video interview can not completely replace a personal conversation but is perfect for conducting an initial selection.

The Digitalization of HR and recruiting is what every recruiting agency, the HR department should pay attention to. These are not buzzwords, but working technologies that are already used by many organizations. Our agency is no exception. We provide recruitment services using the best techniques and services. It is possible to order a unit service and escort from us under a contract in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.