Work during the quarantine

On the Ukrainian market, number of companies which work remotely are still insignificant. But there is already a clear interest in remote work, for example, several days a month or a week, from employees. Accordingly, for some companies, especially in the IT sector, the technical ability to organize work from home is well known. The introduction of quarantine in Ukraine, literally, forced the companies, including those without such experience, to switch to remote work for all employees without the right to choose. This entailed many difficulties, among which – how to organize work at home without significantly reducing the quality of work and productivity.

Transition to a remote format of work

Today, there are many tools for remote work, monitoring tasks, communication, etc., therefore, technically, replacing an office workspace with a remote “office” does not cause much difficulties. This has been shown in practice by many companies that were able to literally rebuild in a matter of days. Much more difficult is the adaptation of each individual employee. It’s not easy for a person who is used to working in an office to communicate with colleagues every day and switch to a home format.

effective time management

AboutHR recruiting agency has been operating in a virtual office mode for almost 8 years, and the team consists of employees from Kiyv, Kharkiv, Lviv and other cities. During this period, many techniques have been implemented in practice, the principles of effective time management have been formed. We suggest you to familiarize yourself with some recommendations that will allow you to learn how to work from home.

Practical tips for organizing work at home

Fix working hours – not only colleagues and managers should know about them, but also all people living in a house or apartment. The working routine should continue to be working, try to stay away from everyday life. All personal tasks must be transferred to non-working hours. You should not only set for yourself working hours, but also plan breaks. Effective time management involves taking into account both current tasks and unforeseen ones. The most optimal distribution of time is 60 to 40%. Also, do not forget about the neseccity to make periodically phone and video calls, which also take time to organize. To track the time, you can use a special application with tracking, with their help you can determine how many hours are spent on work, how many on social networks, etc.

how to organize yourselfOrganize your workplace – it’s difficult to get yourself to work at home, so it’s important to preserve all work rituals, such as morning coffee, and create an environment conducive to effective work. Choose a place in an apartment or house with good lighting, a comfortable table and an armchair. It is not recommended to start a working day in the kitchen or in bed – this is relaxing, and as a result you will not have time to complete all the tasks.

Equally useful in time management are the following life hacks:

  • Working time should include the fulfillment of work tasks, and home time – domestic and personal. If you do the work after the end of the working day, then this line will gradually blur.
  • Time management techniques, how to organize work at home, recommend concentrating on one task. Attempts to perform several tasks at the same time can lead to a dispersal of attention and a lack of results. Prioritize tasks, which will allow you to decide on tasks that need to be completed at the beginning of the working day, and which should be postponed to a later time.
  • Do not read the news about coronavirus during office hours – this will help you to avoid stress. During breaks, it is better to pay attention to physical activity, which is useful to both the body and the brain. Yoga, or the usual workout – choose the exercises that you like and do them in your free time. For the control, you can use special mobile applications.

One of the advantages of quarantine is the possibility of testing remote work and transferring part or all employees to this format of work in the future. The skills gained during the period of self-isolation, how to organize yourself, will allow you to improve self-discipline, as well as learn how to use working time even more rationally.