будущее IT-индустрии

Future of the IT industry

Informational technologies are developing much faster during the last decade. They play an important role in many spheres of human activity. Such digitalization encourages the occurrence of new professions. So what IT future is waiting for us and which professions will be on-demand in the nearest future? Let`s try to predict the labor market.

Which present-day IT professions will continue being popular?

Many promising directions in IT can be observed in the labor market. Virtual-reality technology is decreasing in popularity, that’s why virtual world architects and designers are not going to be out of work in the next 10-20 years. This sphere continues to rise rapidly, it finds other implementations apart from entertainment. Architect’s profession requires creative capacities, deep knowledge of the IT industry, and an understanding of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality designers are in demand in medicine, building, defense industry, educational sphere, and entertainment.

promising IT directions

Other promising IT directions:

  1. Neural interfaces developer. It is a specialized expert, who develops interfaces for mobile phones and smart houses management via nerve impulses. Candidate for this job should not only have good knowledge of information technologies but also be good at psychology, physiology, neurology. Currently, scientists, medics, and military people are interested in such kind of developers.
  2. Digital linguists. Professionals, who work on creating systems that recognize speech or text and translate them in understandable language. Their activity aimed at providing effective and comfortable communication between AI and the user. For this job, you need knowledge in programming, linguistics, statistics and Big Data.

Promising IT directions described above are now moving from potentially demanded to irreplaceable.

Future of IT – which professions will appear in the nearest few decades

The digitalization of social life encourage more criminals to come into the virtual world. So in the next years, there will be a big demand for cyber detectives. They are professionals, who work on the prevention and investigation of illegal activities on the internet. Actually, this profession already exists, but it is not so widespread so it deserves to be mentioned in this chapter.

future in IT sphere

Other professions of the future in IT sphere: 

  1. Personal internet safety consultant. This professional will be auditing digital profiles of different people consulting them on how to provide confidentiality on the Internet.
  2. Future of the IT technology with high probability will be impossible without “Emotions designer”. They will be responsible for study how the presentation of information influence human emotional display, his decision and choice. Actually, “Emotions designer” it`s a programmer and psychologist in one person.
  3. IT-medic. This profession will combine medicine, informational technologies, and Big Data.

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