как работают агентства по подбору персонала

How does recruiting agencies work?

The efficiency of each company at 90 percent depends on the qualifications of staff. That`s why research and selection of employees is an important and responsible task.  Previously few people knew what recruiting agency is (they`re independent companies, offering a selection of employees services), but now more and more modern companies take advantage of such service. The main task of any recruiter is to find, provide basic screening of candidates and present to the customer`s company a certain number of candidates for open job positions. How does the recruiting agency work – that`s what we are going to discuss further.

Organization of the working process of agency, offering recruiting services

how recruitment agencies workThe work of the agency starts when they receive a technical task from the employer, with a detailed description of positions for which applicants should be found, requirements and number of candidates.

Recruiters can use their market database or use social networks for candidate’s research, work with recommendations and use other research methods. Taking into account the current candidates’ market conditions, the first task of a qualified recruiter is not only to find potential candidates but also to know how to interest them. The most important skill for a recruiter who works with IT-specialists, executives and other highly qualified professionals is the ability to communicate with the candidates. When certain specialist, who is in demand on the market, receives 5-10 vacancies from recruiters each day, you should find the special way of presenting information so he will respond specifically to your offer. Besides this, specialists from the agency provide a preliminary check of the candidate’s compliance with the client`s requirements. Then chosen candidates are transmitted to the employer.

It`s worth to be noted that cooperation with such agencies has a range of advantages. The involvement of the external recruiters to research and selection of the staff allows the companies of small, medium and big sizes to save on and also receive qualified candidates for open vacancies in a very short term.

How does recruiting agencies work – main types of services

Recruiting agencies, which are looking for high qualified stuff can provide one kind of services or combine few technics in their experience, including:

  1. Executive search. Such direction involves research of executives and experienced rare experts. If we go deeper into how the recruiting agency work in this sphere, often it deals with enticing people from other companies. The main task of the recruiter, in this case, is to build a relationship with potential applicants, establishing factors which he is unsatisfied about at the current workplace. what are recruiting agencies
  2. IT-recruiting. Selection of experts in technical courses. This kind of recruiting requires knowledge of methods and technics of epistolary recruiting,  proficiency in using social networks for work with candidates, also desire and willingness to look into technologies your candidate works with.
  3. Headhunting. Selection of experts with a rare profession or particular level of expertise.

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