How to start working remotely?

Many Ukrainian companies have faced new difficulties when the only way to “stay afloat” is to switch to a remote mode of operation, replacing a regular office with a virtual one. While some employers previously allowed their employees to work remotely from time to time, others only have to decide how to start working remotely. Therefore, companies deal with many tasks related, first of all, to building communications and managing remote teams.

Where to begin to work remotely?

To start with, it is worth to define the concept of what remote work is, since in Ukraine there are certain myths about this. Many associate remote work with freelance and work without a schedule, however, remote work is not about that. It assumes full time employment, just as it happens in the office, in fact, only the place of work changes. This idea needs to be conveyed to employees before embarking on the question of how to begin remote work.

how to start remote workAnother important point that needs to be paid attention is crisis communication. The unstable economic situation, the coronavirus pandemic can cause alarming questions among employees. It is important to build communication in the company, talk about future plans, action strategies, if quarantine measures are continued. Transparent relationships with employees allow you to build loyalty, as well as reduce stress, which has a direct impact on productivity.

Efficiency, Communication, Tools

The transition to a remote work format involves the use of technologies that are designed to replace personal communications between employees. The more digital the company is, the easier it will be to transfer all processes to a virtual office.

The main fear in the matter of how to work remotely for an employer is how to organize monitoring the performance of employee duties. Some companies are too zealous in this regard and completely switch to micromanagement, trying to control and record every working minute of their employees. This approach has the it`s right to exist, but it can hardly be called effective, since such tracking only leads to increased levels of stress.

Examples of tools for project management, setting and distribution of tasks:

how to start remote workIt is important to trust your employees and give them the opportunity to have a certain freedom of action, focusing on the result. At the same time, each task can be divided into separate subtasks, due to which there is an option to control the degree of project implementation. For example, in the AboutHR recruiting agency, all experienced specialists work as independently as possible, and the manager focuses only on closed vacancies submitted by candidates under contracts from customers. Increased attention is paid only to new employees.

Another issue that must be considered before starting to work remotely is building communications. In a virtual office environment, more efforts are required.

For communication, you can use a variety of resources:

  • Instant messengers, for example, Телеграм;
  • Means for video conferencing, you can start work remotely using the capabilities of Viber and Skype, but if we are talking about large teams and companies, it is recommended to use more specialized tools, such as Zoom.

It is recommended to choose one service for each of the tasks – an excess of programs will cause only confusion.

It’s better to use a webcam to discuss working moments, as live communication allows you to increase the efficiency of communication. However, such calls must be agreed in advance. Another important feature in the matter of where to start the remote work is the screen display. With its help, you can quickly show a report, help to deal with the problem, etc.

As the experience of AboutHR, recruiting agency shows, the effectiveness of remote work is in no way inferior to office work. We have been working in the virtual office format for more than 7 years, uniting employees from different regions of Ukraine and accompanying clients from Kiyv and other cities of Ukraine, as well as from other countries.