How to pass an interview in English?

Work in a large foreign company is attractive to a large number of applicants. It opens up prospects in the form of high wages, career growth, and stability. However, many applicants believe that an excellent knowledge of the language is required for employment in a foreign company. This belief is one of the main stumbling blocks. Even if a person knows the grammar well, translates, reads, an oral interview can cause many difficulties. However, nothing is impossible. In this article, we will consider how to pass an interview in English without knowing the language or with a little knowledge.

Key Findings for Successful Interviews

how to get an interview in english

For many people it may be surprising that it is enough to know English at the elementary or intermediate level to successfully pass an interview with a recruiter for a position in a foreign company. At many positions, English is very rarely required and basic skills will be more than enough.

How to pass an interview in English? The key word in this matter is the “interview”, therefore, it follows a standard scheme, which can be easily prepared for. First, the recruiter raises questions, then the applicant can clarify information regarding work and the employer.

In preparation, you can do the following:

  1. In order to understand how to pass an interview in English, you need to prepare a list of common questions that are asked at the interview – they can easily be found on the Internet. This list includes questions about education, experience, advantages and disadvantages, motivation, achievements. It is advisable to consider as many options as possible, to come up with compelling and beautiful, meaningful questions. You can compose them in your native language first, and then translate them into English. When translating, it is not recommended to use too complex structures and abstruse words.
  2. Test literacy of responses by contacting someone who knows English well for help. Learn the answers by figuring out how each specific phrase is translated – this will help you adjust to specific questions.
  3. Practice your answers with a colleague, close person. Try to simulate an interview, learn until the speech becomes relaxed and natural.

Additional Interview Guidelines with Minimal English Proficiency

review on english

How to pass an interview in English without knowing it or having only superficial knowledge? Firstly, the resume should indicate the same or a higher level of English that is described in the vacancy. When calling a recruiter, you need to be prepared to give convincing answers to all questions in order to receive an invitation to an interview.

Secondly, come up with a few universal answers that will suit most questions. Also prepare questions that you can ask the interviewer. If the recruiter asked a direct question about the level of English, you can use the trick as an answer that the current job does not imply the use of a foreign language, but if you get into the employer’s company, the previous level will return. As for how to get an interview on Skype in English, there is also nothing difficult, on the contrary, you can feel even more comfortable being in your usual conditions.

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