Does a programmer need high education?

The stories of many successful people in the IT-field show that it is not necessary to have a high education to achieve success. But perhaps such careers are an exception to the rule or a coincidence? Does a programmer need high education or is it enough to complete specialized courses? Let’s consider the main advantages and disadvantages of high IT education.

Pluses in obtaining a specialized high education

адаптація в колективіWhy does a programmer need high education? As pointed out by both specialists and developers the main argument “FOR” in favor of studying at is that a university or other educational institution gives fundamental knowledge in the field of mathematics and programming. Without knowledge in the field of mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics and OOP it is impossible to fully develop complex software solutions, to develop games and artificial intelligence, etc.

High chances of finding a job in a large company is another advantage of the high education. Working in governmental organizations without a diploma is almost impossible. It is difficult for an average developer without a specialized education to move up the career ladder, not to mention the achievement of the position of department head.

High education for a programmer is useful when finding a job in a foreign company, because it is much easier to get a visa having a diploma. The educational process at the university is organized in such a way that the student learns to work with large volumes of information and develops the ability to work of the same type. In addition, on the basis of universities you can get a lot of useful acquaintances which will be useful in the future.

Programmer without high education or the main disadvantages of high education

Not all specialists see the benefit in 4-6-year studies at universities. Many IT courses provide an opportunity to get an initial knowledge base within 3-12 months. The main complaint against universities is that curriculum development does not keep pace with the pace of development of modern technologies. The IT world is so changeable that supplementing or changing programs is required at least once every 6 months, which is outrageous for educational institutions. In fairness, it is worth to note that there is an opinion that universities should give only the foundation and the rest is given for self-study.

The second factor in favor of programmers without a high education is that the high education does not teach modern specialties. At least a few areas appear in IT annually while most universities offer:

  • computer science;
  • information security;
  • computer engineering, etc.

програміст без вищої освітиNaturally, these offers are not entirely correlated with the requests of employers and it is far from a fact that upon completion of education a student will be able to find a decent job.

So is it possible to work as a programmer without education? Of course you can. As practical experience in the field of recruiting shows most employers do not pay attention to whether a candidate for a position in a company has a diploma. Practical skills and experience are at the forefront. Often an applicant for employment must undergo testing for his hard skills and they can be acquired both independently and at a university. Not only young people but also older people come to IT and they do not always have time for 5 years of study at the university while in the courses the same knowledge can be gained much faster.

However, specialized education will never be superfluous. If you have the choice and the opportunity to take a full course at the university you don’t need to refuse it, since there will be more chances to reach great levels.

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