релокация – это

What relocate is?

Many companies with branch offices in different cities and countries can sometimes have problems with staffing, for example, it can be caused by a lack of professionals with a required qualification in this city or region. In that case, the company has a choice to teach a new coworker or to relocate an employee with a required level of knowledge from one office to another. Further, we will discuss what staff relocation is.

Peculiarities  of the relocation

работа с релокацией

Relocation implies the transfer of one or a few professionals from Kyiv to Kharkiv or from Ukraine to Poland for further performing their official duties. This option allows you to replace the staffing shortages in one office having excess in another. For the coworker, relocation means changing the place of residence. Personnel shortage can be the main reason for the relocation of employees. Not in many cities, you can find decent candidates for some positions. Relocation of staff allows to increase working efficiency and avoid worker`s burn out.  Change of accommodation, environment, climate, increase in income and life quality can positively influence the worker`s motivation and mental state. The relocation of executives gives an ability to cheer up the team and implement some new ideas. Work with the relocation cannot only be available for highly qualified employees but also for blue-collar workers.

The motivation of coworkers to relocate

Mostly, the decision about relocation is much more difficult to make for coworkers than for the company. The reason is that actually, the employee is the one who should leave his comfort zone.

What can positively influence the relocation:

  1. Professionals are more willing to consider the relocation issue when the company offers a pay increase.
  2. Improvement of living conditions. In most cases, employees perceive positively moving abroad, to the region with a better climate or too big city.
  3. A career move. If relocate involves offering a higher-level post than in most cases it can motivate the employee.
  4. Assistance with movement with family. If for young professionals, who don`t have a family yet, such relocation doesn`t cause any objections, then while relocating employees with kids the employer should resolve the accommodation issue and enrolling children in school. Sometimes companies are even forced to rent an apartment for professionals at their cost during the implementation of the contract.

релокация персонала

Of course, you shouldn`t think that such moving can solve all staffing problems. In every situation you should take into account all the advantages of the relocate, what it gives the company, will it be more effective and beneficial than re-education of staff. While relocating the coworker, the company commits itself to provide him the relocation package.

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