что такое Executive Search

What Executive search is and how to deal with it?

Executive search is one of the recruiting methods, including the involvement of TOP managers and managers of other levels in the customer’s company. First of all, this recruiting technique is used to select top officials of companies for opened vacancies or to replace positions of such levels as the general director, financial director, operations director, marketing director, sales director, technical director, IT director, etc. Recruitment of executive search personnel may also include the involvement of other highly qualified specialists, with extensive experience or with a narrow specialization, who are in high demand on the market. These can be software developers, industrial word and web designers, security specialists, financial managers, auditors, tax consultants, highly specialized engineers (for example, aviation engineers, electronic engineers), etc.

staff recruitment Executive SearchThe difference between Executive search and classic recruiting

The main difference between Executive search and classic recruiting is that in classic recruiting, the recruiter finds through various channels the candidates who are currently  interested in the work change . In the Executive search, the recruiter has a more difficult task – he must identify candidates who meet the requirements of the customer, but do not take independent initiatives to change the work, and find ways to attract them to the work of the customer. That sounds not easy? Well, we will tell in more detail how this works.

How does the selection of personnel work using the Executive search methodology

Executive search involves working with an agency that can identify and attract the best leadership talents that meet the requirments of your business.

Executive search methodology provides 5 key elements:

  1. Determining the search priorities – creating a brief or profile of the position, including information about the company, area of ​​responsibility, goals, main tasks, as well as the experience, qualifications and personal competencies required by the company.
  2. Development of a search strategy – conducting research on companies and sectors that can be “donors” of candidates with the necessary qualifications, experience and skills, creating a so-called long-list. Sometimes companies only consider candidates from a specific industry, or only from an exclusive list of companies. In some cases, only 2-3 companies could be potential donors. Accordingly, our long-list long list may not be so long.
  3. Attraction and evaluation of candidates – communication with candidates to identify potential interest on their part in the position. One of the first mistakes that exist about the work of an executive search recruiter is that his task is to convince or persuade a candidate to transfer to another company. This approach is completely misguided. The complexity of the method consists in the fact that among the usually small number of candidates for the long-list, the recruiter needs to find those who have a certain motivation for change. As a result of the conversations, the recruiter compiles the so-called short-list of candidates responsible for qualifications and budget, and also have the motivation for transition to the customer’s company.
  4. What is Executive Search?Presentation of the most qualified candidates to the customer – depending on the requirements, attractiveness of the offer and the company, market specifics, executive search recruiters present in average of 3-5 candidates to the customer. In the practice of AboutHR, for this number of candidates submitted, there is already a job offer from the customer to the candidate. There are times when it was possible to submit only 1 candidate, but there are times when even 10.
  5. Completion of the search – the final stage, including checking the recommendations carried out by the agency, if necessary – participating in negotiations on the conditions of employment, assistance with organizing the transfer of the candidate from one company to another, tracking the progress of adaptation of the candidate in a new place.

Executive Search Terms

The selection for a managerial or TOP-managerial position lasts in average for 1.5-3 months. AboutHR agency submits the first candidates within 1-1.5 weeks after the approval of the application. Most of the indicated time is spent on organizing and holding meetings at the customer company, as a rule, these are several rounds and negotiations on the terms of cooperation.

If we are talking about the selection of highly qualified specialists who there is a high demand for in the market, the closure of such vacancies takes place within 4-6 weeks.  Indicated periods do not include the time for the transition of candidates, which is usually about 1 month.

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