как создать свою it компанию


More and more often, the leaders of IT companies who want to open outsourcing are faced with the choice: to give preference to India, Poland, Hungary, or Ukraine? And although the “coronavirus” crisis has affected business in the field of IT technologies, and the world economy is only “diges...

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How to increase your index of happiness

Have you noticed how often the topic of happiness began to appear in social networks, media, scientific research, and in usual conversations  with friends? Management gurus write books about increasing employee satisfaction, and intellectuals define the theme of happiness as the main one at the last YES forum...

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лояльность персонала

Employee loyalty, what it is and how to achieve

Employee loyalty is one of the core values ​​of any corporate system. It can bring benefits to the company, starting with increasing labor productivity and ending with the formation of a positive attitude towards the employer in society. Loyalty is difficult to measure, but its importance cannot be overestima...

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Work during the quarantine

On the Ukrainian market, number of companies which work remotely are still insignificant. But there is already a clear interest in remote work, for example, several days a month or a week, from employees. Accordingly, for some companies, especially in the IT sector, the technical ability to organize work from...

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How to start working remotely?

Many Ukrainian companies have faced new difficulties when the only way to “stay afloat” is to switch to a remote mode of operation, replacing a regular office with a virtual one. While some employers previously allowed their employees to work remotely from time to time, others only have to decide...

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