что такое Executive Search

What Executive Search is?

Currently, in Ukraine in the personnel selection and search field there is a highly demanded technology called Executive Search. It is rooted in the Western market, but in Ukraine people started using this technique recently - 10-15 years ago....

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як проводити співбесіду в IT

5 questions for an effective interview with a programmer

IT Recruiting in some way differs from the selection of specialists in other fields, so recruiters who are just starting to work in this direction, without the proper experience and competence, face the problem of conducting an interview with a programmer. The biggest difficulties in such cases cause an exami...

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Digital HR технології

TECH trends in recruiting (technologies in recruiting)

The modern world is characterized by variability, what is relevant today, tomorrow may be unclaimed. That is why it is important to respond to trends quickly in order to be ahead of the competition. Flexibility is important today, and not the idea, but its implementation carries value. We offer tech trends in...

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Where do IT-recruiters come from?

Along with the growing demand for IT professionals, there is a growing demand for specialists engaged in their search – IT recruiters. Every day, AboutHR agency receives resumes from candidates who offer to consider their candidature for an IT recruiter vacancy. Other areas of recruiting do not cause su...

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релокация – это

What relocate is?

Many companies with branch offices in different cities and countries can sometimes have problems with staffing, for example, it can be caused by a lack of professionals with a required qualification in this city or region....

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